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Listen to Brett talk about his Bipolar journey on these popular mental health podcasts.

Richard Listens

Author, poker player, entrepreneur and poker teacher. Experiences gained from experiencing life uniquely and experiencing life through a heightened emotional pensé.


Brett Stevens reads from his book, and discusses his life and journey of discovery.


In this three-part series, Brett and I discuss different aspects of the book and how he is doing today. His story is a testimony of how a good support system can help with recovery.


Brett Stevens is the author of, Crossover: A Look Inside a Manic Mind, and shares his journey as someone living with Bipolar I. We chat about living with a mental illness and the realities connected to living with an invisible illness and the relevance of compassion and kindness in a world where everyone is fighting their own battles.


First-time author, and five-star Amazon-rated storyteller Brett Stevens opens up about his personal journey toward his own “Bipolar Style” and reads from his seriously—riveting new book featuring vignettes of the various outbursts he recalls with rich detail.


Al interviews Brett Stevens, start-up consultant, former professional Poker Player, and author (recorded 3-26-20). Brett had no signs of any type of mental illness until the age of nineteen when he had his first manic episode. Brett takes us through his three manic episodes, all of which began with seven days of paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. Each of which landed him in a psychiatric hospital inpatient program. Each impacting his life for approximately eighteen months. It wasn’t until his third inpatient hospitalization that he was given a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder.

The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

Brett Stevens has lived through the worst of bipolar and come out standing. Here’s what he did to get his life back. This is the first edition of The Pocket Psychiatrist, a monthly series you can share with your patients through a separate podcast stream Welcome to the Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, keeping psychiatry honest since […]




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